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What happens if a pedestrian is hurt near construction?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Premises Liability |

In places with year-round great weather like California, there is always construction happening. Whether work is on the sidewalks, rips up sections of the road or on a building, there are significant hazards that come with being near construction.

While construction workers are the most at risk, pedestrians near the sites can also be in danger. So, how exactly could a pedestrian be hurt at a construction site?

  • Falling or moving objects
  • Insufficient barricades or warning signs around construction hazards
  • Debris left in public areas
  • Falling scaffolding or sidewalk sheds
  • Moving construction vehicles
  • Unsafe equipment

While construction workers must follow certain safety regulations, it simply doesn’t happen all the time. If a pedestrian is injured on or near a construction site, they may be eligible to receive compensation. This type of case involves premises liability, meaning that the companies involved may be responsible for maintaining a safe area for pedestrians.

As a pedestrian injured on a construction site, you may be fighting against large companies. The first thing you need to do is call the police. Don’t leave the area before they arrive.

Next, be sure to document the incident. Take pictures, get information from people who could be witnesses and visit a doctor.

Then, call a lawyer. You are going to need someone on your side who knows what they are doing. There will likely be a review of contracts between the construction company, property owner, city and contractors to find who is responsible for the accident. You will need to work with your legal representation to prove that there was negligence that resulted in your injury.

If you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, don’t wait to address the problem. Always contact the proper professionals as soon as possible.