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3 important details to establish quickly after a California crash

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Major incidents, including car crashes, can leave people hurt and struggling with financial losses. Car wrecks are a leading cause of both severe injury and death in California for people of all ages.

Although crashes technically occur every day in California, most people can ride in passenger vehicles and drive routinely for years without experiencing a collision. When a crash does occur, the people involved sometimes make mistakes or oversights that affect their legal rights. There are certain details that people want to establish as quickly as possible after a crash for their own protection.

Who was at fault

One of the most important factors for any injury situation is fault. The party who caused the crash through negligence or illegal behavior in traffic is likely liable for the losses caused during the collision. They will typically provide insurance coverage for anyone affected by the collision. They could also potentially be subject to a personal injury lawsuit brought by the other people involved in the wreck.

What insurance is available

Every driver in California should carry insurance, but basic coverage only applies when someone is at fault for a wreck. The other driver involved in the collision might have as little as $5,000 of property damage coverage and $15,000 worth of bodily injury coverage. Knowing what a policy will cover can help someone determine if they need to take the matter to court or not.

What injuries people have incurred

Some injuries are very obvious right at the scene of a crash. Someone with a broken leg, for example, probably can’t walk away from the collision. Not every injury is easy to self-diagnose. Typically, those involved in wrecks will need to undergo a professional medical evaluation to authoritatively establish whether or not they have significant injuries. A proper diagnosis will be crucial to getting compensation and treatment. The sooner someone sees a medical professional, the easier it will be to prove that their condition came from the crash and not from another situation.

When someone recognizes that they have significant injuries and that the party at fault for the crash has limited insurance coverage, it may be time for them to review their other options for compensation. Having the right information is crucial to obtaining the best outcome after a major wreck in California.